API magazine
October 1, 2020

Dubai Technology Partners (DTP) recently announced the successful deployment of its tNexus message hub system and Dassault Systèmes’ DELMIA Quintiq fixed resource planning application at Dubai International (DXB).

This most recent project at DXB will enable the hub airport to optimise the utilisation of its fixed resources and overcome data capture issues. These improvements will allow DXB to deliver an optimised traveller experience. As it continues to secure its competitive position as the busiest global hub for international passenger traffic, one of the biggest challenges for Dubai Airports, the operator of DXB, is maintaining operational efficiency and high quality of service levels. For a long time, airports using traditional tools for resource planning had to grapple with static preferences and restrictive rules. Local company DTP was selected to implement the DELMIA Quintiq application. This optimisation application is fully integrated in the airport IT landscape and has automated capacity optimisation for fixed resources, which include 212 airport stands, 142 gates, 526 check-in counters and 28 baggage belts across multiple time horizons from operational to strategic. Additionally, the DELMIA Quintiq application’s in-built flexibility makes it easily adaptable and scalable to all future expansions. The processed data from the DTP tNexus Message Hub is used as inputs by the DELMIA Quintiq application to conduct optimisation, based on complex operational logic and rule sets.