API magazine
October 1, 2020

Liège Airport (LGG) in Belgium has entered a partnership with Alibaba Cloud to leverage the Chinese tech company’s ‘Aviation Brain’ AI platforms across airport operations and ground handling procedures.

The move is intended to strengthen the airport’s regional hub status through increased operational efficiency and improved digitalization of cargo operations. LGG’s use of the technology will be aimed at reducing airfield traffic, increasing efficiency and minimizing aircraft relocation time through improved utilisation of the airport’s aircraft parking apron. The AI platform will also support flight dispatchers’ ability to make more timely and precise decisions to space out arrivals and avoid possible bottlenecks on the runway, according to LGG. Further details on the project and its implementation are forthcoming. Commenting on its partnership with LGG, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence president, Selina Yuan, said that the group is confident its technology will have a transformative effect at Liege Airport, and that it is looking forward to working with the team as it works to digitalize its operations.