API magazine
October 1, 2020

Independent environmental auditors have again found Munich Airport (MUC) in Germany to be in full compliance with the EMAS and ISO 14001 standards and praised its strong environmental stewardship.

The results show that Munich Airport meets the strict environmental standards under the European EMAS Regulation and the criteria of the international ISO EN DIN 14001:2015 standard. In the report, which the Munich Airport operating company (FMG) commissioned on a voluntary basis, the airport was recognised for its commitment to the environment for the 14th consecutive year. The auditors reaffirmed the effectiveness of the airport’s highly successful environmental management system. Environmental management at MUC takes a comprehensive approach to capture all possible effects resulting from airport operations. As a starting point, environmental data - for example on the consumption of energy inputs and resources - is collected and analysed. In the next step, the data is used to develop extensive measures to further reduce the environmental impact and thus to continuously improve the airport’s environmental performance. The 2019 Environmental Declaration is available at