API magazine
March 31, 2020
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It is critical that unused slots covered by the waiver are returned by airlines to slot coordinators for reallocation in a timely manner – as required by the Commission’s proposal. This will notably facilitate continued air connectivity – including for essential cargo and medical supplies – at a critical time. Any further extension of the waiver beyond 30 June 2020 should be based on evidence and in consultation with the airport industry and slot coordinators.

Olivier Jankovec, Director General of ACI EUROPE said: “By supporting our airline clients in these exceptional circumstances, this time-limited slot waiver is obviously in the long-term interest of airports. It will especially help those airlines with a significant presence at congested airports mitigate the harsh financial impact of COVID-19 - while also ensuring that they can preserve the integrity of their route network once demand recovers. But, this necessary focus on the longer-term comes with short-term sacrifice for airports. They will be hit by further losses in air traffic and connectivity, especially as Governments in Europe and beyond are now adopting flight bans and restricting international air travel.”