API magazine
October 1, 2020

Passenger traffic at Dubai World Central (DWC) reached nearly 1.3 million for the first nine months of 2019 despite a seasonal contraction in traffic volumes during Q3.

DWC said that it welcomed 21,926 passengers during Q3, down by 81.6% mainly due to the seasonal fluctuation in traffic during the summer, taking the year-to-date traffic to 1,270,442, almost double that of the 2018 result.

South Asia was the single largest contributor to traffic at DWC during the first nine months of the year with 379,851 customers, closely followed by CIS (313,167) and the GCC (281,184). Other significant contributors include Eastern Europe (127,087) and Western Europe (105,906 customers).

Russia was the top destination country with 294,145 customers, followed by Saudi Arabia (201,138), India (193,900) and Pakistan (107,112 customers). Some of DWC’s top destination cities during the period under review were Moscow (166,412 customers), Jeddah (55,873), and Karachi (39,762).

DWC recorded a total of 5,948 flights in Q3 (up 3.6%) taking the year-to-date total to 28,078 flights (up 28.7%) at the end of September.

The softening of demand in the cargo sector continued in the third quarter with DWC handling 226,830 tonnes (down 10.8%), bringing the year-to-date cargo volumes to 676,830 tonnes (down 7.2%).