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October 1, 2020

Aerospace Big Data Series

APAC |Americas | EMEA

The Aerospace Big Data Series - FlightGlobal's flagship conferences

These events bring together the MRO ecosystem including OEM’s, data and IT experts to discuss advancements in predictive maintenance strategies and how airlines can best utilise data and emerging technologies to maximise the benefits of predictive maintenance.

Bangkok, 12-13 May 2020

This conference gathers the MRO ecosystem including OEM’s, Airlines,Maintenance and Engineering, Data and Technology experts to discuss how a new era of intelligent maintenance is improving aircraft efficiency with digital aviation MRO software projected to drive the growth of the market. Emerging technologies using big data will enable us to easily analyse data from the aircraft, facilitating more rapid and accurate prognostics health management by extracting meaningful information in a timely manner. The current MRO capacity in Asia isn’t enough to support regional demand and as such we will discuss unique opportunities in the region to drive MRO expansion and cross-border collaboration.

Experts will discuss the importance of data infrastructure and its role supporting future growth. How this can impact future MRO strategies including how we work ‘smarter’ with all the digital elements and ensure parts are received on time. Attendees will gain new insights on the segmented markets including China, India and APAC, in addition to the ever-evolving cybersecurity threats.They will take-away practical solutions around regional and scalability challenges such as workforce shortages and technology investments.


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Seattle, September 2020

London, December 2020